Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 When Will It Air?, Who Can Return?, Plot, Trailer And What Will Be New?

Dead Men Tell No Tales. But Pirates do! The shantie-laden, swashbuckling pirate adventure saga is set to return for the sixth time. We know that the movie will definitely be a reboot as we bid adieu to Jack Sparrow.

When Is The Release?

After comedic writer duo, Rhett Resse and Paul Wernick (Deadpool) quit in 2019, the production stalled for a while. However, Ted Elliott will now collaborate with Craig Mazin(Chernobyl). The writers face a Herculean task. The franchise is struggling to draw viewers. The writers would hope better dialogue would give the franchise a “kick in the pants”.

Who Will Return?

Well, we know who won’t. Johnny Depp is definitely not returning. With his ongoing troubles, it seems very unlikely that he will return. Plus, the appeal for Jack Sparrow is dwindling, so we will not see him return. Kaya Scodelario has signed for the movie and will reprise the role of Carina Smyth. The franchise has arguably outlived Will Turner. But expect Redhead or Redd to play the starring role in the next movie.

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What’s New?

The biggest news is that there won’t be any more of Jack Sparrow. So much for thinking the franchise would be “dead and buried” without Johnny Depp. Interestingly, the movie has used de-ageing CGI for Dead Men Tell No Tales. We expect to see many more epic naval battles and a lot of in-depth stories as well.

Disney has not confirmed a release date for the movie nor have there been teasers. We do know, however, that the series is likely to get a touch of morbid, gallows humour as Mazin comes in. Disney is clearly trying to steer the sinking ship away from the rocks. But, it may not be enough if the reboot fails to offer the swashbuckling swagger of the previous instalments.

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