Riverdale Season 5 When Will It Air?, Who Can Return, Plot Trailer and What Will be New?

Riverdale is officially coming back for a fifth season, meaning we are guaranteed another year of mystery, romance, and a whole lot of drama

When Does It Come?

I suppose we cannot even wait for Season 4 to get done before we hanker after the next one. Well, have it your way. While we don’t know when exactly the season will launch, we expect the show to start sometime in October 2020.

I’m so confused about the season 4 plot that I can’t bear thinking about the next season right now. But, let’s think about it anyway. The biggest, jaw-dropping clue is the five-year-jump. They’ll all be 23! This will go some way in explaining the departure of Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols. Fans believe that a new mystery in Riverdale is likely to bring the quartet back together.

Unfortunately, we won’t be seeing FP or Hermione next season because Skeet Ulrich and Marisol Nichols announced recently that they would not be returning to the show for season five. Besides, that, we don’t know about the rest of the cast members, including Cole Sprouse, whose character’s fate is currently very uncertain right now.

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Are We Ready For An End?

Well, for starters, people are leaving. That is never a good sign. Five-year jumps signal major shifts and could probably spell the end of the show. Most fans are not ready to say goodbye yet. But this may be it. Will we see Archie, Betty, Veron, and Jughead again? I do hope we do. A poor ending is undoubtedly what we all fear. But all that’s good comes to an end.

Plus, it is known that there are no more spinoffs in development for the foreseeable future. Don’t despair, though! There are enough romantic-drama-comedy shows to go around without crying your eyes out over this one!

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