American Gods Season 3 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Upcoming Details About Next Season

Based on the novel written by Neil Gaiman, American Gods Season 3 is finally starting its production, and the fans are excited for what is in store. After the Finale of the second season was left on a cliff-hanger, viewers are more excited than ever to know what’s next. Because of our luck, we have some exciting news for you.

What is American Gods about

American Gods, produced by Starz premium network, is a fantasy television show. It was debut back in April 2017, and the Series was heart-winning with its intense storyline. It is about the unusual job of Shadow Moon ( Rickey White ) given by an odd man called Mr Wednesday ( Ian Mcshane ). Not long after he accepts the odd job, Shadow could be found in significant conflicts between old and new gods.

When will it air

The Series is one of the most successful dramas on Starz. Both the seasons were awesome, which left the viewer in excitement for what’s coming next. Hence, due to such immense support from the fans, Starz is sure that its third season would be a hit. As a result, we could be sure that the third season is sure to come.

In the last season, we saw some unstable release due to the frequently changing showrunner. As the official and Ricky Whittle told, the show began production in September 2019. The lead cast Ricky Whittle shared his delight by a tweet where he thanked the American Gods team and his fans as the only people who have made the show going.

Source: Radiotimes

The new cast for American Gods season 3

There will be a bunch of new additions for the third season. Till now, we are just told of a  few of them. The announcement listed for Two-time Emmy winners Blythe Danner for a four-season arc. Stay tuned for further updates for the show.

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