Arthdal Chronicles Season 2 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Upcoming Details About Next Season

The first season of the show, Arthdal Chronicles was released on Netflix weekly from 1st June 2019 and ended up around the time of November 2019.

The fantasy series was about the mythical land of Arth and the birth of a new society in the ancient city of Arthdal. The most prominent among the South Korean cast includes Son Joong-ki, Jan Dong-gun, and Kim Ji-won.

The first season of Arthdal Chronicles, according to Netflix was of 18 episodes whereas the show released in 3 seasons. So, we would be talking concerning the fourth season of the same (In terms of South Korea) and the second season according to Netflix.

The plot of the First Season

The story is about the journey of Ta-gon, whose parents are a human and a neonatal whose power will lead him to the path of the king of Arthdal. Between his path is his father cannot see the growth of Igutu. Between all of this, Ta-gon’s force captures the Wahan Tribe that introduces  Tan-ya and Eun-seom to Arthdal.

Will, there be a second season

If we remove the complaints regarding working conditions, the show went well both in South-Korea and the rest of the world. The show is the biggest budget shows for South-Korea. But, till now, no official announcement regarding the show’s renewal has come from its creators. In September 2019, reports went regarding the continuation of the series. Further, people speculated that the end of the series is not near.

Source: The Nation Roar

In an interview, the company told:

“Season 2 is possible only with the support of the crew and the support of many viewers. We will review the various conditions and make the final decision as soon as possible, and the crew will do their best to do Season 2.”


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