Death Note Season 2 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Upcoming Details About Next Season

What is Death Note

For those of you who do not understand what it is, it is a Manga based anime with genres like Thriller, Drama and Mystery. It was first premiered is the world on Nippon TV channels on 3 October 2006. The name knows the Directors of its adaptation of Tetsuro Araki and Ito Tomohiko. It was directed and written by Adam Wingard. Tsugumi Ohab wrote its manga version, and Takeshi Obata did the illustration.

The first season had 37 episodes which released 12-13 years ago. The design and drawing are outstanding concerning the time it has been until it has been released. It was a hit when it reached the Fans. We all are awaiting the arrival of its second season that we will be getting this year as per Currents rumours from the official source.

Source: villains.fandom

Season 2 Plot

The first season is about the Light Yagami, a high school boy who has the other world’s notebook: Death Note. Its belongs to Shinigami Ryuk, who has the power to kill anyone he knows.

We all are hoping that the second season starts where the first season finishes. We have made our assumptions following the rumours. The Detective who can be seen in putting his efforts trying to find who exactly is behind the real hand behind death note. He has now started trying to stop the terror from Death Note and Bring world peace. We can also hope to see the same plot, and it might add some new characters that may bring some goodness in the story.

There is no official release date regarding its release date as no official announcement was made. We cannot make any assumptions as the pattern for the anime’s release is very inconsistent. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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