Jurassic World 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Upcoming Details About Next Movie

The ’90s were the year of the rom-com. Of weird hairdos and atrocious dressing styles. And even today people remember and reminiscence. However, they don’t have something that the kids of the 2000s do. Our movies. Ever since the inception of Steven Spielberg’s pioneering creation, The Jurrasic Park, animation in movies hasn’t looked back.

An Epoch in Hollywood.

The American film industry often seems to credit Jaws with the first foray into advanced videography and special effects development, but there shall always be a special place in our heart for The Jurrasic Park series. Well yeah, the second and third movies are probably better off forgotten, but they did leave shaping a new generation of movie-making. New movies came out with various concepts that had never been explored before, all because it looked more realistic to portray them now.

Regardless of how much the movies were criticised, the Jurrasic Park series left its mark on the millennials of today. And to continue the story of the old, came Jurrasic World in 2018. Starring Chris Pratt, Jurrasic World had the same story, set in a newer world. The same theme park, shinier, and with even more sinister secrets. The theme park soon closes down due to the escape of the most terrifying mutated dinosaur of them all, the Indominus rex. The story does end on a happy note.

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Not All Are Successes.

The second movie, not so much. Probably what seems like a curse on the Jurrasic Park franchise, the sequels have always disappointed compared to the originals. We, however, hope that’s not the case with the third and last movie in the latest Jurrasic World series.

Jurrasic World: Dominion shall be the last movie in the franchise. The date for release has been slotted to June of 2021. While nothing has been revealed about the movie, filmmakers seem very excited with the story. “We love the way the story is going, and you will too. “ we heard from one of them. It is likely that all the previous and new cast shall be joining in for Dominion, bringing the whole franchise full circle.

Jurassic World: Dominion releases on June 21, 2021, in theatres worldwide. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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