OA Season 3 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Upcoming Details About Next Season

American mystery sci-fi web drama, The OA, which debuted on Netflix on December 16, 2016

Is the OA going to release a new season? All that and more! Read on!

An American mystery sci-fi web drama, The OA debuted on Netflix on December 16 2016 and has had an unbeaten run until 2019.

The Story

The OA consists of two seasons, one of which debuted first on December 16 2016 and then after two and a half years on March 22, 2019. Each season was of eight ming-boggling episodes. The audience has many questions regarding the finale. However, our main concern right now is whether there be a season III or not? Why do you ask?

Last year on August 5 2019 Netflix cancelled the OA series contract even after its two successful seasons and pulled the plug on the show, leaving everyone with a cliffhanger.

Cancellation and a Renewal?

However, recent reports suggest that Netflix shall resolve the issue with the makers of the show. There are rumours that the show will revive for a third season. Because the news is still not confirmed by the showmakers we simply cannot tell whether these rumours are true or not/

It was not just the show or the plotline that stole the heart of millions and made the fanbase stronger. It was also in part because of the amazing cast that made the audience love the show.

Source: Thrillist

What Changes Now?

Produced by Plan B Entertainment and Anonymous Content the series cast Brit Marling, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Phyllis Smith, Alice Krige and Brendan Meyer.

Shot in New York City and Groton, Connecticut the show was created by Brit  Marling and Zal Bathmang. The story centres around Prairie Johnson played by Brit Marling. She acts as an adopted young woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. Upon her returning Praire calls herself the OA, that is “Original Angel.” She further in the second season moves over another dimension where she continues the search for her former captor. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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