Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Is It Renewed Or Cancelled; Rumors About Its future, Spoilers And Other Details To Know?

We know you’ve been waiting for this one! Are the Pirates back? Well, it would seem so. And so is beloved Jack Sparrow.


Well, of course. It’s a Disney cash cow, so it is here to stay. The movies have lost much of the swashbuckling swagger over time. To give it a “kick in the pants” according to Sean Bailey hired Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. The duo quit, however, for unknown reasons. Now, Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin(Chernobyl) have joined up to write the next film. While we hardly know how it’ll turn out, we do hope for the franchise’s sake that the repartee is better honed.

The Rumours

We know definitely that this is just the beginning of a new adventure. For a while, it seemed like the franchise would go on without Johnny Depp and Jack Sparrow. Recent rumours tell a different story however as the series may return to the familiar fan-pulling Depp.

Source: the global coverage

Now pirates of the Caribbean six are high on the wishlist of fans, which will be a continuation of 5th part ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales’, according to the sources the movie is going to hit the screen in 2021, as before it was expected to be released by this year.

Fans are curious about the cast of the movie as it been rumoured that Johnny Depp will not be the part of the series further, and mixed emotions of the fans are being seen everywhere as he was one of the best lead of the movie.

Disney has not yet confirmed the release date of the movie nor any of the teaser or spoilers. So it’s going to be one of the mysterious instalments of the series as Johnny Depp might not be a part of it, which is going to be a huge setback for the fans. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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