Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Upcoming Details About Next Season

Prepare for trouble and make it double! Seven Deadly Sins, the blockbuster combat anime will soon return to Funimation.

Release Date?

No release date is confirmed yet. But the show is definitely coming for yet another run. The season is likely to be the final one as the epic battle wraps up.

The Details(Spoilers!)

In the 21st episode, King Arthur was able to summon the true power of his sword but it turns out that he could only do so for a few moments. Cusack, his demon, and even Meliodas seem to be unscathed by all of his blows. When they’re almost about to attack them, Merlin shows up and rescues him. Arthur apologizes to the Sins for being so weak and not being able to do anything after possessing so much power.

Source: monstersandcritic

Meanwhile, back at the Camelot castle, the demon confronts Cusack and asks him how he could just let Arthur get away from there unharmed. He tells him that it was the last time he showed any mercy towards him and will now do anything to end him. He then uses one of his abilities to control Arthur and forces him to stab himself with the Excalibur. This brings a rather unexpected end to Arthur’s part of the story. As a viewer, all this while, I believed that it would be Arthur who would eventually bring peace by killing the remnants of the commandments, but he was dead before he could do anything.

Meanwhile, even Ban’s condition is still a mystery. It’s been a while since he went down to bring back Meliodas’ memories but he still hasn’t returned and for some strange reason, none of the Sins have bothered contacting him. In the next episode, as the ending of episode 21 suggests, a new war will begin, marking the inception of the second Holy War. Lives will be lost and several sacrifices will be made but will all this be enough to save their kingdom from the gruesome fate that awaits it? Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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