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The 100 Season 7 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Upcoming Details About Next Season


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The 100 is a science fiction drama TV series. It is one the official set of CW. The 100 has six seasons till date. The first season of The 100 was released on CW on March 19, 2014.

It was announced that the season 7 of The 100 would be the last season they would make. Jason Rothenberg said it on Twitter. So we could be sure to believe that the seventh season would fill the gaps in the story as well as in the minds of the viewers for some characters.

Not long after Jason Rothenberg twitted the news, his twitter handler was filled with questions like When will the show air?, What could we expect to the cast of the seventh season ?. Here we would try our best to solve most of your questions,

When will the second season release

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The most asked question in Rothenberg’s twitter handler was regarding the release date of The 100 season 7, when will the filming end etc.

We have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, we are not sure on the exact release date of season 7 as it is not officially announced. But, according to our prediction, we can expect the seventh season of The 100 to release late in 2020 ( Around June – October ). This is since the filming of the final season had begun only in August 2019. There would be a lot of work for them to do to give a deserved ending to the show.

Source: Honk News

The cast of The 100 Season 7

We gave you some bad news before, but now we have the good one. We are sure that the cast of Season 7 will be the same as before. Also, Eliza Tylor is now ready to play the lead role of “Clarke Griffin”. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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