Dead to Me Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Upcoming Details About Next Season

Dead to me is a very famous Netflix series which has a 10 episode the first season. It is so good and loved by the fans that the writer Liz Feldman confirmed our doubts for a second season.

Dead to Me Season 2 launch date:

While the release of the second season has been confirmed, an official announcement regarding the release of the season hasn’t been released. However, we can try to predict when the season could release.

The first season arrived on Netflix arrived in early May,  which was just one year after the official announcement of the first season. If we assume that season two would have a similar release pattern as the first season, then the filming could have started in Autumn of 2019. This would cause the show to release in the late spring of 2020 as we are told that shooting wrapped in December 2019, so we are not that of the target. Our information is also an assumption to an extent, so our estimates could be off.

Season 2 cast

We are sure that Judy(Linda Cardellini) and Jen(Christina Applegate) will return as the lead characters. Other roles include Max Jenkins as Christopher, who is the real estate business partner of Jen, Luke Roessler as the youngest son of Jen (Henry), Sam McCarthy as Charlie, who is Jen’s Teenage son, Ed Asner as Abe, who is a resident at the living facility where Judy works, and cop Nick(Brandon Scott)

Source: Union Journalism

Dead to me season 2 trailer

Even though the new season has been confirmed, we are still not aware of any trailer to release. Since the filming has just ended, the trailer should only be around the corner.

We are sure to update you about any more developments. We are just as excited as you are. Stay connected for more updates.

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