Fans Are Unhappy With The Delay In Release Of Dying Light 2 How Is The Gameplay And What Are The Upcoming Details?

If you love video games, Dying Light has got a piece of good news for you. The game is about the survival of a person in the open world through action and adventure. The video games will engage you in all sorts of adventure trips from where the player has to get his character out safely. In the world of video games, the “story” of the game sounds basic, but it has a lot of things planned for you.

About the new Version

The new version is set in a time zone that is fifteen years ahead of the original. The setting of the plot is the last greatest place with human settlement. The player turns up at a place called Aiden Cladwell where it comes in contact with some infection and along with that he gains exceptional parkour skills. He can do many actions like jump, slide and make another tough choice.

Source: Polygon

About the Announcement

As you might already know, it was announced not long ago that the release of the second part is postponed. Fans were upset regarding this setback but reluctantly are waiting longer. But now, they are growing eager and eager for when the game will release.

It’s the second time the developers have delayed the game, from a 2019 release to Spring 2020 release which has also been postponed. They told that they need extra time to tune the game for their expectations. Although a release date of the finished game hasn’t been announced, we can get the game as a demo in E3. The visuals in the game stunned both the content creators and the viewers, but this is to be expected from such a game franchise.

About the Makers

The developers, Techland have described the period of the new game as the “the new dark ages”, a time where human would rather kill themselves than to die in the hands of zombies. This game also has a un-dead cycle which is still in progress. Nevertheless, we too are hoping the game to release ASAP. Stay connected for more updates.

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