Hocus Pocus 2 Release Date,Cast,Plot,Trailer And Upcoming Details About Next Movie

An American dark fantasy movie Hocus Pocus was Released in 1993. The story of Hocus Pocus revolves around three witch sisters Winifred,Sarah and Mary who were kept abondend from more than 300 years. A young boy named Max unfortunately went in the house of witches and lit the cursed candle of black flame and unknowingly make them awake.

Release Date

As per some sources,movie is under development. So By the end of 2020 movie can be released on the new chanel of Disney.


It’s been more than 3 decades the Hocus Pocus part one released. So the production team is going to bring new faces for the sequal of Hocus Pocus. But there are no current details about the cast members.


The sequal got new screen writer- Scarlett Lacey and Producer – David Kirchner. The new movie can start where the old movie ended. Or can have a brand new storyline. It’s on the production house what they will deliver to the audience.

The Producer of the sequal movie said that it will not be a direct sequal But a reboot. So be ready for brand new adventure of Hocus Pocus. We are going to witness more magic and action in the sequal.

And we can’t say much about the plot because the creators didn’t dropped any hint about the sequal what it gonna be this time.

Source: Coming soon


There is no official trailer launched by the creators. But we hope they going to launch trailer really soon then expected.

Upcoming Details About Next Movie

Hocus Pocus will air on Disney+ as TV movie.

The producers are thinking of bringing back the original cast of Hocus Pocus, Bette Midler As Winifred,Sarah Jessica Parker As Sarah and Kathy Najimy As Mary.

Kenny Ortega said,”It would be much more fun to bring the ladies back. They are still in their prime and are capable of doing so much now”.

Also the Actor Doug Jones who had played the character of Zombie said that he would love to reprise his role. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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