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Knightfall Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Upcoming Details About Next Season


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A History middle age drama tells the story of the Knights Templar. The first season came out in December 2017, and fans hadn’t loved the first season so much, and the second season released in March 2019. Season 2 was different but did not grab any high ratings as well. There was a 50% drop in the number of viewers. Because of this, most of the fans are not bothered about the upcoming season 3.

Expected Release Date:

In earlier season amongst them, season one didn’t work as per the standard expectation. So it didn’t hit the rating accurately, when it was first aired on December 17.

So then comes the second season i.e., the second season. Where they opt for something unique, and it was out in March 2019. And so we can hope that season 3 will be out in June 2021. As season two also not up to the mark and standard so we worry as to what will be delivered out for season 3.

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New Cast:

Tom Cullen will be seen as Landry Padraic Delaney as Gawain, Sarah Sofie Boussnina will be seen as (Adelina). Julian Ovenden as William De Nogaret, Jim Carter, Ed Stoppard as King Philip, Tom Forbes as prince Louis and Mark Hamil will also be the part of the season.


“There’s still a lot of open storylines, the big one being Pope Clement, that has risen. I think that the Templars will want the same type of revenge, as they feel threatened by his actions”.

” Hoping that we’ll get some more grail action in season 3 as everything that reminds us Indiana Jones and last crusade is all we”. Makers believe it’s ideal to allow the audience decided what they need to believe, as”there are things you wanted to be worked, but sometimes another thing takes over and turns out to be different and surprising.”

Trailer And Upcoming Details:

Since there are still thoughts about 3, nothing has been formally announced. Therefore its gonna be a lengthy wait.

Season 3 is looking forward to providing a lot of action. There are possibilities of drifting into various ways to lead the story, but Pope Clement is the best bet. The betrayed Templars will try their best to avenge the Pope.

There’s lots of drama to show. Hope season 3 receives good ratings and fans as season 1 and 2 fail to impress the viewers. Let’s wait for the confirmation. We will update the latest things about this here. Stay connected for more updates.

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