Pirates Of The Caribbean 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer and Upcoming Details About The Next Season

The swash-buckling rogue has done it again! Pirates of the Caribbean is back with another feather to its cap: a new movie in its arsenal. Though details are few and far in between, here is all we know about the latest movie in the Pirates of The Caribbean franchise.

New Movie, Newcast and some Old faces.

The new movie shall, for obvious reasons have both new and old faces. Pirates of the Caribbean is a movie that relies not just on its showrunner, but on all the characters that make the movie what it is.

The small outtakes, the random scenes in between that don’t really make the main plot, all these actually make the movie what it is. Remember the scene where Jack Sparrow is stranded on an island, along with his crew but then becomes a god and food for the cannibals all in one? That scene wasn’t even relevant to the plot. But it was hilariously fun.

We are sure that the next movie is going to be like this too. Why do you ask? Well, all because Davy Jones is back, and he is back with a vengeance.

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Expected Release Date

As shooting has begun and is currently underway, mid-2021 is our best bet. However, if things go not so well then early 2022 is the only other slotted schedule date. Let’s keep our fingers crossed shall we! The movie is still in the early stages of development so we are not convinced on the date yet.

The cast does remain majorly the same. Though there were initial talks of leaving Johnny Depp out of the movie due to steep pay demands, the trailers now confirm that it isn’t so. Johnny Depp shall be reprising his role as the iconic Jack Sparrow yet again.

The movie promises to be the same and yet very different. Featuring action scenes never performed before, we are sure the new movie shall be a welcome addition to the franchise and we cannot wait to watch it! Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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