Taboo Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer And Upcoming Details About Next Season

The BBC television series, Taboo was a production of Scott Free London and Hardy Son. The series itself was created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and his father, Chips Hardy, based on a story written by Tom and Chips Hardy.

The story is split into eight parts which take place in the 19th century (1814). It commences with James Delaney (Tom Hardy) returning to England after twelve years in Africa with fourteen stolen diamonds. Followed by his father’s death. This series gives us a glance on the dark side of London in the 19th century. Though such an intense show one can only hope for a sequel.

Release Date:

The dates are not out as of now, but the affirmation for the second instalment is already made. The second season is speculated to confirm its dates by the end of 2020. And hopefully, give the fans what they want by early 2022.

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The producers have given us no new information about the cast of the upcoming season. But we can hope that no new changes will be made to the original cast.
It seems likely that Tom Hardy (James Delaney) will return. Luckily, Jessie Buckley (Lorna Bucket) and Tom Hollander (Cholmondeley) will be joining him again. Both Lorna and Chlomon were gravely injured (in the battle with the redcoats). So their future survival is questionable. Also, the original cast that survived the battle includes Stephen Graham (Atticus), Edward Hogg (Michael), Mark Gatiss (Prince Regent) and Scroobius Pip (French Bill).


So far, no new updates regarding the trailer for Taboo season 2 have dropped. Hence, to jog the memory-horses a bit, you might wanna have a look at this review.


The writers are refraining from disclosing any plot points right now. But we can certainly hope that the story will follow the aftermath of the war. Also, it may unfold the mystery cloaking the Native American Heritage of Delaney’s late mother. The story will also closely follow Delaney and organization as they proceed to American shores.

His enemies have already failed to kill him once. So, they’ll surely try again. Keep an eye out for that too.

Upcoming Details :

The fans can expect the reveal of the puzzle behind James’ tattoo. We can also expect clarifications behind his controversy with the East India Company and Mark Gatiss’ Prince Regent. It can be speculated that Strong would get a progressively significant perspective into his late Mother’s Native American Heritage. Some huge pointers will be revealed in the second season, making the wait worthwhile. Stay connected for upcoming updates.

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