The new Top Gun movie’s trailer is launched, and we cannot wait for Tom Cruise to get back with the film after 33 years the first movie came out. The 57 years old actor does not disappoint us in the trailer as he seems to be walking while wearing his charming smile with that bomber jacket. The trailer progresses, and we can see Cruise putting Captain Pete “Maverick” in the cockpit when they are getting ready for the catapult launch.

About The Sequel

The Top Gun sequel, Top Gun: Maverick will hit the theatres after 34 years the first film did. It will be a direct sequel to the first movie. The sequel is filming in San Diego and will show Maverick at the Top Gun Academy again where the actor became the instructor in the first film.

The fans are building fantasies in their minds regarding the movie, and they expect there will be some flashbacks from the previous film. Tom Cruise himself is releasing some snippets and moments from the new movie. He has also confirmed in few interviews regarding the volleyball rematch. Tom released a few snippets in which he is shirtless with his fellow agents, and they are playing volleyball.

Source: Metro

About The Trailer

There are a lot of things to unpack from the trailer. Few of them had been done after the release of the first Top Gun 2 poster. The new sequel has a lot to say what can be expected from the new movie. Fans were initially disappointed to see that it took so much time to release. But now, we are beginning to realise that this was worth the wait. There are so many chances that the volleyball scene might be incorporated in the movie, but it will be a creative move.

What the Makers Are up to

The production team has used the high-class technology to put the sequel together, so imagine how at the moment the scenes of the new film will be. The team has also released some teasing pictures showing how six IMAX-quality cameras in the cockpit scene. The fans are very excited about the release of the new sequel and so as the makers and the cast. Stay connected for upcoming updates.


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