Aggretsuko season 3 Release Date,Trailer And More. Aggretsuko Should We Wait For Season 3?

Aggretsuko is a Japanese anime musical comedy which is now available on Netflix for the anime lover subscribers.

Aggretsuko is a 25 year old single red panda who works in a Japanese firm in accounting department. She is a cutest anime character with lots of struggle in her life.

Release Date

Netflix tweeted on their official account – “Get your metal voice ready! Aggretsuko season 3 is coming to Netflix”.

We can expect the third installment will be drop in summer 2020,very soon.


Source: Gizmo Posts

Trailer isn’t available now on Netflix because of on going work or something. But Netflix may drop the trailer soon than expecting. So stay alert!

What’s More?

We are expecting the old same characters to be in the third season for entertain us.

The characters are -:

Retsuko(main character), Director Ton,Fenneko,Haida,Director Gori,Ms. Washing,Tsunoda,Komiya,Tsubone,Kabae,Resasuke,Anai,Tadano,Retukas’s Mother(her name didn’t mentioned yet).

The new season would be more revealing and unexpected than previous seasons. We will witness her grooming and growing into adulthood.

Should We Wait For Season 3?

Netflix officially announced that Aggretsuko is coming for another season. So yes,we should wait for season 3. And til then you can binge watch previous Seasons.

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