Loki Season 1 Is There Going To Be A Loki TV Series?Is Loki In Love With Thor? Cast Characters And Release Date.

Sources have it; there will be an upcoming Loki TV series, which is likely to be aired on the newly popping platform, Disney+. Fans were thrilled as the Marvel movies to be released this year are most likely postponed to 2021 due to the pandemic. But the series is not to be aired anytime soon as the filming was put on hold after two months in March of 2020. Let’s hope we can see our beloved Loki on the screen sometime soon.

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Cast & Characters.

There’s no need to say who plays Loki, because let’s be honest who could play except Tom Hiddleston. Except for the obvious, no other cast names have been released. Sophia Di Martino, Owen Wilson, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw have been cast for undisclosed roles. Sophia is reported to play the role of a female incarnation of Loki, which sounds very interesting. Also, Richard E. Grant is said to star in a single episode of the series. It is created by Michael Waldron based on the comics by the late Stan Lee.

Release Dates.

No exact date has yet been announced, but it is expected to release in the early months of 2021. There are supposed to be six episodes, and this series is a part of Phase Four of MCU. Considering the filming being on hold, the release possibly will be pushed to the mid of the next year.

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The Loki-Thor relation.

So, the big question, “Is Loki in Love with Thor?” There are mixed insights about these two and the bond they share, as it has been an underrated rollercoaster. MCU has shown a high character arc for Loki, keeping his relationship with Thor at the epicenter. And they made the answer to this question very clear at the beginning of the Infinity Wars when (SPOILER ALERT even though you obviously should’ve seen it by now) he sacrificed himself for Thor. Loki has always been a tad bit jealous of Thor because of his insecurities, but we cannot label it as hate-like. So, Is Loki IN love with Thor? Questionable. Does Loki HAVE love for Thor? Yes, 3000.

Could this be the end of Loki?

This is a vague question because unless we find out what happens in this series, there’s no way to find out what direction MCU is headed considering Loki. Michael Waldron is the head writer for the series, so the bar is set quite high. We’re pretty sure this won’t be a disappointment because Loki has never been one, nor will he ever be.

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