Mission Impossible 7 Is There Going To Be Mission Impossible 7? Is Tom Cruise In It? How Many Movies Will Be There?

Hey folks! We are back again to update you all on your favorite movie Mission Impossible. Nothing is stopping Christopher McQuarrie from putting out more of his work especially considering how big of a success Mission Impossible’s 5th installment was. The film successfully made it to Top 10 highest-grossing films of 2018. Not only was it a commercial success, but the film was received positively by the critics and audience as well.

But again, is there going to be another sequel to Mission Impossible- Fallout? Let’s find out.

Mission Impossible is a series of American action spy films both based on and a follow on from the TV series of the same name by Geller.

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Is there another sequel?

Yes, the movie is indeed getting another sequel i.e. Mission Impossible 7.

The sequel to Mission Impossible-Fallout is slated for release on November 19, 2021. Well, a long way off but yes it’s coming.

Will Tom Cruise be making a return?

To all the Tom Cruise fans, please rejoice as Tom Cruise will be reprising his role as Ethan. Yes! He’s coming back.

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As you all know, the movie is a long time off, we can expect it in the mid of 2021. Excited to see what the movie has to offer.

Update on Cast?

Most likely, the entire cast would be returning for Mission Impossible as there’s no news of departure or addition of any actor. Well, finger crossed.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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