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Like Marc Spector/Steven Grant/Jake Lockley(/Spider-Man/Wolverine/Captain America, moon knight also suffers from DID or Disassociative Identity Disorder. This means he has multiple personalities inhabiting his body after his mind was fractured by the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonshu. Khonsu invaded Moon knight’s mind; each character represents a different aspect of Khonshu from myths.

Moon Knight began a painful career serving as a hero, never really finding his place in comics. Sometimes he just would beat on regular street crime with spiked knuckles. On other occasions, he worked Khonshu by contending against werewolves and magic beasts.

Moon Knight, unlike Batman, has typicallyno scruples about killing or damaging selves. He’ll crush you with his plane, carve off your face and wear it in his downtime, and drop you down a flight of stairs. You never know what he’ll do because of his extensive history of dangerous instability.

“I don’tdon’t wear white to hide. I wear it so they’ll see me coming. So they know who it is, ’cause because when they see white it doesn’t matter how good a target I am. Their hands shake so bad; they couldn’t hit the moon.”

Source: Comics Beat

Difference between batman and moon knights personalities

Most of the comparisons to Batman come from this first Moon Knight series.

  • Batman “fights crime to avenge the murders of his parents,” whereas Moon Knight “beats up whoever has it befalling because he believes he is the avatar of the Egyptian God of vengeance. This helps him to feel better about all the people he killed when he was a mercenary”.
  • Batman is driven by revenge for the wrong done to his parents, and Marc Spector is motivated by vengeance as a concept.
  • Moon knight has a mental illness. Batman does not have any such disease.
  • Mooney likes to wear white on the contrary. Batman wears dark colors.
  • It should be noted Batman’sBatman’s alter ego, takes on other personalities merely to aid his fight. However, Moon Knight has three alter egos, which aid him as much in dealing with personal demons as fighting law-breakers.
  • Mooney, Rhymes with loony. Suggest how the moon knight prefers to be alone.
    Source: MCU Cosmic

Origin: Moon Knight

Moon Knight was reported to be Marc Spector, the son of a Jewish rabbi who fled from Germany on the night of the Third Reich’s rise. Marc refused to serve his father’s steps and instead choose to become a boxer and later joins the Marines to work with the CIA finally. He left the military and became a mercenary with his friend and pilot, Frenchie. They both worked in Egypt for a warlord by the name of Bushman, which involved unearthing a tomb for an archaeologist.

Bushman betrayed Marc Spector during the mission. Spector helped Marlene (archaeologists’archaeologists’ daughter) along with her father escape. While he tried to hold off Bushman and his men, he lay dead at the feet of an idol to the Egyptian God Konshu.

Source: Marvel

Origin: Batman

Batman has been Gotham’s protector for decades, CEO of Wayne Enterprises, Patriarch of the Bat-Family, and vet part of the Justice League. Made his first debut in Detective Comics  (May 1939). Batman is the secret identity of Bruce Wayne,who witnessed the murder of his parents as a child. This leads him to enlighten himself to corporal and mental perfection and en-robe a bat-themed ensemble to fight crime.

Batman operates in Gotham City, fights a variety of villains. Unlike most superheroes, he does not possess any superpowers. Intellect, spy skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation are skills that he uses in his war on crime. The Batman goes by various nicknames, such as The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, World’s Greatest Detective, and the Defender of Gotham.




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