Netflix Online Movies and TV Shows. Can you get Netflix for free? How much does Netflix cost a month?

Netflix is an American media service provider, headquartered in California. Netflix offers subscription-based streaming services for a classic collection of various movies, television shows, including those produced in-house. As of April 2020, there are 180 million active subscriptions. As of today, the company provides and distributes content from countries all over the world.

The recent craze for online content has increased drastically. The reason for the same is the quality content that is available to us as per our facility. Also, the recent drops in data charges have surpluses in demand for Netflix. Netflix provides its streaming services now on any device of you that you can imagine. From your smartphone to the TV’s, Netflix has got covered all your entertainment needs covered.

Can you get Netflix for free?

Since it has a paid subscription, many of us would have wondered if we could get it for free. To some extent, yes, we can get it for free for a certain period, but not forever. With the trial version of Netflix, one can watch for 30 days for free. After that, we would be needed to pay for a particular plan to continue enjoying its services. You need to cancel the trial on the last day else it would deduct money from the credit or debit card you added.

There is another way to enjoy Netflix, but it’s not free. It will cost you four times less. Buy a 4-screen plan which you can share with your friends and can divide the expenses. It will be quite economical as compared to an individual project.

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How much does Netflix cost a month?

So, the next question, what are the plans we can go for? In the US, there are three plans.

-Basic, $8.99/ month. The basic policy doesn’t provide high definition streaming and can be viewed only at one screen at a time.

– Standard, $12.99/month. This plan allows HD streaming and two simultaneous streaming.

– Premium, $15.99/month. The premium plan allows its user to stream four screens simultaneously with a 4k viewing option.

There have been four options declared in India for Netflix:

The Rs. 199/month plan, which is limited to a mobile phone only, for one user.

The basic standard definition Rs.499 p/month plan, which offers one screen at a time.

The standard plan for Rs. 649 allows SD streaming on two devices at the same time.

Whereas the premium plan which costs Rs. 799 allows HD streaming for four devices at the same time.

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