Aggretsuko Season 3 Release Date, Characters, Will There Be A Season 3?

Aggretsuko is created and written by Rarecho, and it was aired on Japanese TV network TBS. Times have changed, and it has gone from over a hundred short episodes to having a full-length Netflix anime. The anime series is highly accessible, and the character, the red panda, has become a brand of its own in her home country.

Retsuko is a hard-working panda but is mishandled by her mean colleagues and her sexist boss. Still, she doesn’t react to any of it inside the office and takes out all her annoyance and stress at a local bar, by performing hard death metal at the Karaoke.

Season 3

Fans around the world have been happy at the official statement from Netflix, announcing the renewal of the anime series for another season. Everyone wants to see their beloved red panda coming back on screens again.

The writing is unique as the writer has shown the relationship between Retsuko and her family, friends, colleagues and her partner in a unique way. The second season was aired in June, so we can expect the third season to be available by July end or August.


It is more than just a cute red panda and her life, but the show excellently handles and portrays female rage and their day to day troubles.

The show revolves around Retsuko, Washimi, Gori, Fenneko, Haida and Puko as her friends. Sasuke, Shirota and Tadano are her romantic partners or dates.

The members of the company include Ton, Tsunoda, Kabae, Tsubone, Komiya, Ookami, Anai and Manumaru.

A lot of names and characters to think about, but it becomes smooth and enjoyable as and when you hit the play on the streaming app. Two seasons have been aired already, and the fans only want more of the red panda and her uniquely displayed but collective feminine rage.


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