Dickinson Season 2 When Is Dickinson Season 2 Coming Out and How Will Its Story Lead? How Many Seasons Are There? Is Dickinson a True Story?

This historical comedy series first hit the big screens on 1 November 2019. They are featuring Hailee Steinfeld as the main character Emily Dickinson. Created by Alena Smith, this series is all set to have a sequel. The series reflects upon the life of a rebellious young poet who touches upon sensitive topics. You will also find a glimpse of societal pressure, gender equality, and family pressure from the perspective of her eyes. The shy and recluse nature is now portrayed boldly and defiantly on the big screens.


The bright side is that the second season had already been approved in October 2019. The shooting has ended and production of the season is complete. Although, no official release date has been announced as of now. We can expect the sequel to arrive in late 2020.

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This true story is based on Emily Dickinson, a famous writer. It revolves around her personal life in season 1, and according to sources, it may now depict her growth as a writer. Fans may see how she receives her fame and achievements.


The casts who can return to season 2 have Hailee Steinfeld as Emily Dickinson, Adrian Enscoe as Austin Dickinson, Anna Baryshnikov as Lavinia Dickinson, and many more. Since the story is based on a real-life person, the characters will depend on the interactions that Emily had in her real life.

Source: Release Date of TV Shows

Trailer and Updates

The one-minute trailer depicts the life of Emily Dickinson’s life and how she is the master of her own life. The series can be watched on Apple TV+ when it gets a green signal. Watch the trailer and season 1, refresh all the details you missed out, and patiently wait for season 2!

Stay tuned for further updates and stay safe!

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