Log Horizon Season 3 Is Log Horizon 3 Coming Up Anytime Soon? Is There Any Hope For A Log Horizon Anime Season 3?

Anime is one of the genres that have grown rapidly in the past few years. Every anime fan has this one friend who made them watch Deathnote or Naruto, and that was the beginning of an infinite journey in the world of anime.

From watching shows with English dubbed episodes to Japanese subtitles, we became true fans. Now the dubbed voices sound just weird to a true Anime fan. So here we go, Log Horizon is one of the OGs when it comes to anime.

Release Date

The fans have been waiting for five years for a third season, but the creators haven’t responded yet. With its first season in 2013, Log Horizon won many hearts. The way the show has built its characters, it’s just awesome. Of course, it’s awesome, it was directed by none other than Shinji Ishihara. He is the man behind legendary shows such as ‘Fairy Tail’ and ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’.

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Hopefully, the story will continue from right where they left. No fillers, that’s a relief. So the last season ended with Shiroe being completely antisocial but someone, please remind him, he’s in the world of monsters here. Let’s talk about The one thing fans want to know desperately.

What will Tenwazawai do in the next season?

We don’t have any official confirmation from the creators yet, but the show is not expected before 2021. At least the cast is going to be the same, no changes there. We expect Mike Yager as Shiroe, Joji Nakata as Nyanta & Emiri Kato as Akatsuki.

Nao Tamura Minori is acting as Eriko, Matsui acting as Izusu, Tetsuya Kakihara acting as Lundellhaus, Yukio Fuji acting as Tetra, Yumi Hara acting as Marielle, Misaki Kuno acting as Serara, Ayahi Takagaki acting as Henrietta. NHK Instructional television has announced the final confirmation of the show will be made in October. So the audience needs to just fasten their seatbelts and wait for that to happen.

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