Love Alarm Season 2 Does Love Alarm Have A Season 2? Love Alarm Season 2 Arriving In 2020? Love Alarm Upcoming Season Update. Why Did JoJo Break Up With Sun Oh?

Netflix is killing it ever since it has added new genres to its streaming platform. People don’t say it much, but everyone secretly loves these Korean love stories. Love alarm reaching the top trending list of Netflix is no surprise.


This show is like the comfort food that you’d need after a hectic day of work. It’s light-hearted and is pretty easy on the eyes. There’s also a Science fiction angle to the show, which makes it even more interesting.

The series is based on the Daum Webtoon, a platform where dreams become content. Daum Webtoon is another article in itself lets not divert from the topic here. So Love alarm is based on a concept where people have this dating app.

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It’s not a regular dating app like the ones that we have on our phone. It supposedly finds love for its users and that too within a ten-meter radius. Who wouldn’t want to have such an app on their phone? Well, now that we have talked about the plot of the show, let’s talk about what the readers are actually looking for. We have some good news for all the Love Alarm fans.

Release Date and Cast

It was confirmed on 29th October 2019 that the show would come back with its second instalment in 2020 itself. Let’s talk about the cast a little, we’ve got Kim So- Hyun as Kim jo-jo, she plays a girl with a difficult past, and she lives with her aunt and cousin.

There’s Song Kang as Hwang Sun, and he’s a generic rich boy who has feelings for Kim Jo-Jo and then there’s Jung Ga – ram as Lee hye-young who is Hwang’s best friend and guess what, even he is in love with Kim Jo-Jo. We see a vicious love triangle here, and apparently, that’s what the audience wanted. So let’s not give the readers any spoilers here, the show will be back in 2020, and we will be waiting.

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