Love Death And Robots Season 2 Release Date And Trailer. Is It Animated? What Is Special About Love Death And Robots ?

What is ‘Love Death And Robots’ you ask, well, it’s only the most successful experimental show on Netflix. Love Death And Robots is a series of short films with time spans over fifteen minutes. Its a collection of selected films by various creators. The first anthological series launched by Netflix.

Most of these short films are animated and don’t need many dialogues.  The scenes are extremely well written and self-explanatory. We see a lot of Science fiction in these episodes, I mean the name has the word robots in it, what do you expect.

If you want to watch something intellectually and you’re scared that you will binge the whole season, this is the show for you, every episode with a new story and something that will actually tickle your mind.

So enough about the show, if you’re reading this, you have probably watched it, and you’re looking for the answer. The answer to, when will the second season come out. Since the first season was such a hit with 18 awesome episodes, it’s rather difficult not to ask that question. We hear you and wish that it comes out soon enough.

Source: Carlos Contreras

The issue with this series is that its a compilation of stories by different animation artists. This is the reason why anthological shows need time, but the good news is that Netflix has confirmed that Love Death And Robots is going to have a season two. Jennifer Yuh Nelson has joined as a supervising director for Volume 2 and will oversee all episodes. See, finally some good news.

There might be a change in narrative, though, hopefully for the better. Series composer Rob Cairns has confirmed (via Inverse) he’s “just started” producing the music for season two. “I’ve seen a couple of the Season 2 scripts and have started discussions with directors and started playing with sound,” he said. So now we know that this is official, and we look forward to being amused with yet another season.

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