Love is Blind Season 2 Casting Auditions, Is There A Season 2 Of Love Is Blind ? How To Apply For Love Is Blind Season 2? Who Is Still Together From The First Season Of Love Is Blind?

Love Is Blind Returns?

Love is Blind was one of the first shows of it’s kind. It’s kind meaning, spicy, dicy and full of drama. I mean, who doesn’t like a drama-filled show to gossip about with your favourite bunch of friends. So the show was all over the viewer’s minds, and once season 2 came to an end the only question that all the viewers cared about was when is the show coming back? And if you are one of those gossip lovers, we have good news for you, and the show is coming back, very soon.

Season 2.

After season 1 being a grand success, the show is all set to return for its next season, but like many of our other favourites the production for Love is Blind is too set on a standstill because of the current pandemic conditions. But no worries, because Netflix has officially confirmed the news of there being a season 2 and we are sure they won’t let us down.


The Inside Scoop about the Casting.

Love is Blind is a reality show, and they try to be true to their nature and be as realistic as possible. In the last season, all the contestants were from Atlanta so that their place of living won’t be a problem in their relationships. Chris Coelen has given his statement to a media company saying the casting committee for season 2 is reaching out to people personally to avoid people wanting to be in the show for attention. But the applications for entry are up on their official site, and anyone who is above 21 can apply. And as far as we know, there are no restrictions about you having to be a US citizen. So, go on love-seekers, apply your hearts out!

Who Is Still Together From The First Season Of Love Is Blind?

While we wait for Season 2, you must be wondering which of our favourite couples are still together? Was it a “reality show”? Who ditched whom? Hold on to your socks, because we have all the news for you. So, starting with our power couple Lauren and Cameron, they are happily married and also planning their spin-off because they want to tell more about their story. Amber and Matt are married as well. Gianna and Damian didn’t yet get married but are still dating, let’s hope we get to hear the wedding bells soon. But that’s it. Alas, everyone else split and went their separate ways but no worries because soon we will have a bunch of new cutesy couple to go all crazy over. Let’s see who are going to come searching for love while we watch, from the cupid’s eye.

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