Minecraft rating, what age group is it for? developer, composers, what makes minecraft interesting? is minecraft good for kids?

What is Minecraft?

Players explore a blocky, procedurally generated 3 D world in Minecraft.

They also discover and extract _

•Raw materials

•Craft tools

•Build structures


•Adjusting accordingly with the game mode.

They can compete with other players, survival mode is also included in these modes. The game can also be modified for creating new items and asset.

For what age group is it for?

Minecraft is suitable for the children’s of age group 7+ to children’s of the age group 13+. Mostly it depends on the version of the game you are playing. The children’s are not asked for any proof of age when they sign up for it though the guidelines mention the age limits.

Developer and composers of Minecraft

•Developers: Mojang Studios, Other Ocean Interactive, 4J studios, Xbox Game studios.

•Composer: Daniel Rosenfeld, also known as C418, is the producer of most music tracks in Minecraft.

What makes mine craft interesting?

Minecraft is a game of creativity, education and experience. It provides a 3D environment to play. It gives different challenges. These things make Minecraft an exciting game to play.

Source: GamesRadar

Is Minecraft excellent or bad for kids?

Minecraft is suitable for kids as it gives different opportunities to children. It enhances the thinking capacity. For parents, it is definitely on their list of best games for kids.

Is Minecraft safe for a child?

Yes, it is safe if the child is playing with good people and listening to the right people. Allowing them to play with strangers is quite not safe for them.

Minecraft as the best game.

Minecraft has won several awards. It is a game with the most influential video game and also regarded as the most excellent game of all time.

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