Moon Knight Who is he? Other Appearances, Fictional Universe, What are Moon Knight’s Powers? Who Is the Richest Person in the Marvel Universe?

A character which still keeps us up at night and who’s been ruling in our hearts and minds since forever has to be Moon Knight.

Talking in-depth, Moon Knight is a fictional superhero who appears in American comic books by Marvel Comics. It is an inexplicably popular character in the Marvel Universe and lives up to its hype.


Moon Knight was ranked as the 149th most significant comic book character of all time. Not only Wizard Magazine but IGN also listed it as the 89th most exceptional comic book character. And these are only two of its many achievements.

Source: Marvel

His powers

Marc Spector gained his superhero powers as an outcome of God Khonshu’s visitation. The thing which makes everything more jaw-dropping is his powers being entirely dependent on the phases of the moon. The fuller the moon, the more powerful he becomes. Wow!

As we all are aware of his multiple personality disorder which proves to be in his favour. Due to this, he could resist psychic attacks and at times, receives prophetic vision as well. He could also endure a considerable amount of pain.

Shocking right? Well, this was the only 1/4th of his total strength.

Which is the wealthiest character?

Black Panther is known to be the richest hero in all of comics. But we can’t sidestep King T’Challa, who rules over Wakanda, the wealthiest nation in the entire world.




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