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Morning Show Season 2 How Many Episodes Are There In The Morning Show? Zach Breff Set to Star On The Morning Show? When Is The Morning Show Coming To Apple TV?

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The morning show crosses the ruthless world of morning news and the stories of the personalities who help America wake up in the morning. The story presents two complicate women (Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon). Both the women are working to operate the minefield of high-octane jobs while facing trials. In both their personal and professional lives.

Season 2

Earlier we came to know that Apple is already on the toes for the shooting of season 2 Pre-COVID19 concerns. Zach Braff told The Hollywood Reporter that he was all set to guest star in season two of Apple’s “The Morning Show” until the coronavirus pandemic hit and potentially scuppered those plans.

Season two was set to air on November 2020, but the plans seem to have a change. Though it is certain that season 2 of ‘The Morning Show’ will have 10 episodes. Starring Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell.

Braff was all set to work with the cast of the morning show but unfortunately, he had to wait. Like all of us, Braff seems to be in dilemma about the continuation of the shooting. He reportedly told THR   “And then I was about to do an episode of ‘The Morning Show,’ which I hope I still get to do”.

It’s vividly known what role Braff would take on, but we all have our hopes on this one.

source: Just Jared

On being asked what he has been doing in the lockdown Braff seems to be invested in writing a script. Braff quoted “One of the benefits to quarantine if there are any, is if you’re a writer who procrastinates. Like me you’ve really run out of excuses, so I’ve been cranking away on a screenplay, an original. There’s not a part for me in it, so I’ll write and direct it”. And I think its time we all take advice from the Braff talks XD.


The show seems to be exclusively available on AppleTV. Reports suggest there is no possibility of it coming to Netflix or Amazon Prime.

There is very less information about the season 2 release since the shooting has been on hold for a while.





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