Dark Season 3 Netflix Official Release Date,Genre,Spoilers And Plot Updates,Who Is In The Cast? IMDb,Storyline And All That We Know So Far

Dark is the German original series which is the first to produced by Netflix. Dark’s story revolves around four families of the fictional German town named Winden. Suddenly children start vanishing and Dark gets Darker with truth and mystery behind the vanishing that has a connection with the four families of the town.

It’s a basic time-traveling Series but with a little twist and supernatural activities which makes it more interesting than any other series of this genre.


Netflix Official Release Date

Netflix released the first season of Dark in December 2017 with the hope of good reviews and audience but it turned out to be a super hit within the month of release. After the big hit of the first season, Netflix renewed the series for the second season and within 2 years Dark came with the second season on 21 June 2019.

Now for the third season series may come on 27 June 2020 because it’s a date of apocalypse and the audience is quite sure that third season would release on this day as per series’s theme.


Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Science Fiction, Supernatural.

Spoilers And Plot Updates

Beautifully written by Tony Schalk, Dark became the first German original series on Netflix. As we all know the third season is the last season of Dark, there would be more mystery that’s going to be solved this time, the last time. All the crimes, suspense, and history of those four families going to be revealed. Get ready for another time traveling for the one last time.

If you want to know more about Dark Season 3, you can watch the trailer of it. So then you can guess what’s gonna happen.


Who Is In The Cast?

The main cast will entertain you for the last time with some new faces and guests.

Louis Hofmann As  Jonas kahnwald,Jordis Tribel As Katharina Nielson,Maja Machine As Hannah Kahnwald,Oliver Masucci As Ulrich Nielson,Lisa Vicari As Martha Nielson,Mark Waschke As Noah,Peter Schneider As Helge Dopper,Andreas Pietschmann As The Stranger.

Storyline And All That We Know So Far

The story of Dark goes around the four families of the town which have a connection with the missing children’s mystery. The story basically about time traveling. How time-traveling changes the future and one’s life who do time travel and stuck in that particular time loop. And how they cope with the circumstances of time traveling.

Co-directed by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, The Dark series won a Grimme Preis Award for television fiction. And made a special space in the audience’s heart.


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