DC Super Pets What Super Heroes Have Pets? Who Are ‘DC Super Heroes? Who Are ‘DC Super Pets’ A Brief History Of The New Movie

DC Super-Pets are fictional comic characters of Adventure Comics of 1962. Now DC decides to make an animation movie of Super-Pets, including Krypto(the Super dog), Streaky(the Super cat), Beppo(the Super Monkey), and Comet(the Super Horse). Warner Bros is making this movie, and we can see it on May 22, 2022.

What Super Heroes Have Pets?

If you read the comics and had read the comics of DC, then you know that in comics, some superheroes have pets with super powers like them.

Superman has the dog, and Batman has the cat, and Wonder Woman has the Horse. But this time, there would be a separate movie of pets who are going to show their powers and save the day.

Who Are ‘DC Super Heroes?

DC has so many superheroes throughout the decades, but only a few of them got famous and has a huge fan base all around the world. They are –

“Superman” is one of the most famous and loved DC Super Hero of all time. He’s a Kryptonian and got land on earth when he was a baby. A couple found him and make him their son, but later, he finds out about his true identity and Super Powers. He decides to stay on earth and save it from aliens and other evil people.

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“Batman” is the simple human being with lots of money. We can simply say that he’s a Billionaire and richest person in his country with an extraordinary mind. His interest isn’t the money but saving the world from evils. He makes his own gadgets and puts a mask on his face so that no one can know who’s saving the world.

“Wonder Woman” is the most famous female superhero of DC and loved by millions of fans. She has powers like no one have. And she’s here to save our day.

“Flash” is the super-fast hero of DC. And his true identity is kept as secret so that he can live his life as a normal person.

“Cyborg” is a half-human and half machine. He’s a technology boy who can tackle any problem related to technology and science.

Who Are ‘DC Super-Pets’ A Brief History Of The New Movie

DC Super-Pets are the result of science experiments. Science gives them super powers. But it’s all fictional. This time all super pets going to save the world when aliens captured the Super Heroes and thinking now they can take over the world. But they don’t know about the super Pets, and that assures the failure of aliens. These Super-Pets are Dog, Horse, cat, and monkey. They team up against aliens.

You can watch the rest of the story when the movie arrives. So stay excited!

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