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DC Titans Season 3 Will Cyborg Join Titans? When Will Titans Season 3 Start Filming? Characters,What’s More In The Story?


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DC Titans series is based on the Comics of the same name. There are some teenagers with some superpowers who get together and fight against evil people or aliens. They live in a tower named Titans Tower and help each other as a true friend.

Teen Titans is the group of teenagers named by their superpowers is Beast Boy, Raven, Starfire, Robin.

Will Cyborg Join Titans?

In the DC comics, we saw Cyborg as the part of Titans and best friend of Beast Boy. So expecting him to be in the series of Titans is not wrong.

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Also, Ryan Potter who portrays the Character of Beast Boy posted on Instagram that, “Not sure when, But it’ll happen.” He indicated that Cyborg will soon join the Titans team and give it a new direction.

In response to this Instagram post, Wade who plays Cyborg replied, “Dying For it.”

So if the Titans want Cyborg in the series and Cyborg himself wants to be a part of series then makers can add the new member in the team as soon as possible.


When Will Titans Season 3 Start Filming?

The show was renewed for the third season back in 2019. And filming got started in early 2020 but because of Coronavirus filming stopped abruptly. After all, health comes first!

Goldman told in a video interview that, “Everything is a bit slowed down. Season 3 is planning to go in front of the cameras as soon as possible.”

If pandemic end soon then we assume that filming may start in 2021 and be ready to watch within one year.



Brenton Thwaites As Dick(Leader), Ryan Potter As Gar Logan(Beast Boy), Anna Diop As Kory(Starfire), Curran Walters As Jason, Rachel Roth As Raven.

What’s More In The Story?

Titans series is based on DC comics, so the story may have similarities with the comics. In the third season,  we may witness the Teen Titans meets Adult Titans for the first time. Also as per source Barbara Gordon aka Oracle soon join the Titans and save the day from evils.

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