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Kingdom Season 3 Where Can I Watch Kingdom Season 3? Is Kingdom season 2 The Last? Is Rampant and Kingdom Connected?


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Kingdom, a South Korean historical drama, thriller web television series is; notably, this is Netflix’s first original Korean series. This series is an adoption of the webcomic series The Kingdom of the Gods, which was authored by Kim Eun-hee.


Due to the immense popularity gained by the first season, it was renewed for the second season, which popped up on Netflix in March 2020. This season also received the same amount of love as the previous one and got mostly positive reviews from the critics.

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There is going to be a 3rd season as per the reports. Though it is going to take some time as the second season was recently released, we can expect it to be dropped by mid-2021. Making early assumptions would be pretty harsh.

Source: What’s on Netflix

Let’s wait for the makers to make a commitment.


As season 3 is still in makers’ minds, you have to wait for a little to stream it. You can still watch the first two seasons on Netflix and amazon prime. You can also purchase DVD/Blu-ray via Amazon.


Kim Eun-hee, the author of the original comics, in an interview, said she has enough ideas to pen a whole lot more three seasons. We can consider it as a hint that it won’t stop on season 2. We may have dined with the season 3 notification soon.

But that currently is a far-off dream. Since there is no official statement, we can’t throw our cards now.

Source: IMDb


The Korean movie Rampant and the Korean series Kingdom shares the same genre i.e., horror, thriller, zombie apocalypse. But they are quite different. A similar basic storyline makes people feel like they are watching a 2-hour format of the series Kingdom. Both contents have different makers, and because these stories are somewhat common in Korean mythologies, they might seem similar.

Another similarity that can be noticed out that both the series and the movie have the same director, i.e., Kim Sung-hoon.

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