Legally Blonde 3 IMDb, Critic Review, What Is Legally Blonde 3 About? Why Is It Called Legally Blonde?

It has been seventeen years since Legally Blonde hit the screens. Elle Wood’s new chapter has already surpassed the release date, but the movie is expected to be on the big screen soon. The second movie of the franchise was confirmed by MGM in 2018. It will retain most of the original cast while the high profile addition of Mindy Kaling and Dan Moore will start the script from scratch.


There is no information about the third edition of the movie yet, all we can say the writers feel the same as the original script was scrapped. It might be under work, and as soon as the production start, we might know more about the plot and the storyline. The fans are eager to know about what happens next in the happening life of Elle.


Elle is a walking Vogue magazine, drenched with the pink color. She just doesn’t like wearing pink but sees the color as a way of life. Her love for extremely girly outfits and accessories meant that many ignored and avoided her at first sight, but little does anyone know that she is a Harvard Graduate.

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She works at a big legal firm, and it is hard to understand her actions, whether they are carried out by mere stupidity or sheer intelligence. A host of comical and humiliating events end up with her getting fired from her firm, but she lands herself working for a Congresswoman, who sponsors an animal rights bill.

The movie provides a strong message that your appearance should not be the reason for people not taking you seriously. Elle took on the Congress looking like a Barbie doll and fights for the cause.

Why Legally Blonde?

Since the book is based on a novel by Amanda Brown, who spent her time as a Law student collecting editions of the popular magazine Elle, maybe that is why Amanda ended up with the name Legally Blonde.

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