Locke And Key Season 2 Who Was Disguised As ‘Dodge’? Was Ellie Thrown Through The Black Door? Season 2 Netflix Premiere Updates?

Netflix has a hos of supernatural dramas, and Locke and Key is up there with the best. It is a story about three siblings who face the death of their father. They move to a new house and find mysterious keys that bend reality. They soon assume that the keys were somehow behind the end of their father.

Season 2 Premiere

The first season aired in February of 2020, following the high viewership, the producers were quick to renew the show for the second season. We expect the season to air next year.

Source: Vox

The Mystery about Dodge

By the end of season one, we found out that Dodge was disguised as Gabe and is getting ever so close with Kinsley. When the entire gang visits the Drowning Cave, Eden was also attacked and possessed as a demon.

There are two characters close to the Locke family who are secretly demons now. The second season should revolve around the trouble it creates in the house. Gabe and Eden were explicitly designed for the show and did not appear in the comics. Hence it is difficult to predict their role in the future.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Black Door

With the Omega Key, anyone can access the Black Door, which opens a gateway to the lower areas of the Drowning Cave. Once opened, it allows demons like Dodge to use it for traveling between the worlds.

When the Locke children and Savini Squad open the Black Door, it allows the demons from another world to enter freely. But accidentally, Ellie Whedon is thrown to the world of demons, and Eden Hawkins is possessed by a demon who comes simultaneously. This happened because the key changed the appearance of Ellie, and she started looking like Dodge, so the squad throws her out instead.

This results in Dodge being among the squad, and the children have no clue because they believe they have gotten rid of the demon already.

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