Spinning Out Season 2 Spinning Out Ending Explained, Read To Know More About Season 2, Cast, Plot And More. Did They Really Skate In Spinning Out?

‘Spinnin Out’ is a sitcom based on the life of a Figure Skater who goes through a lot of hardships to reach the Olympics. Kaya Scodelario plays the protagonist who gives up Skating almost forever because of a horrible accident that takes place during competition. Then a second chance comes knocking at her door when she is paired with another flawless skater, Justin. Justin is played by Evan Roderick.  Samantha Stratton had created the show. Netflix premiered the first season on 1st January 2020. So Spinning Out has spun a lot of viewers into becoming its loyal fans. How do we know you ask. It was the outrageous response from the viewers the minute they heard that the creators weren’t renewing it for another season.

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What about season 2

In February 2020, Netflix confirmed that the show has been canceled. The fans have never been so disappointed. Netflix, You could have at least given them some closure. The season one ended with a huge cliffhanger and ever since then, the fans haven’t stopped asking about the second season.

The Spinning out fan community didn’t stop there, they came up with numerous petitions to get the show back and running. Did Kat and Justin reach the finals, the fans need to know. There’s a word on the streets that if not Netflix, the show will run on some other streaming platform. The fans might have to wait a little longer for the next season.

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Ending and Plot for Season 2

At the end of the first season, we saw that Kat and Serena competing against each other to reach the top of their games. They had this rivalry in them with mutual respect. At the end of the first season, Kate comes to know that Mitch was using Serena but it turns out that he was interested in her mother all along. The real culprit is revealed and it’s none other than Dr. Parker who was after Jenn and Serena.

The whole conspiracy affects all three of them and Carol finally attacks De Parker with a bat. So in the next season, Carol might go to Jail but was it worth it, yeah it was. Kat might have to suffer more but we might get to see Kat and Justine dance. The next season might focus on kat’s mental health and Serena’s sexual assault. For now, all that the fans can do is hope for another season and just maybe Netflix or someone else will hear their prayers.

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