Strike The Blood Season 4 Is Strike The Blood Finished? Is Strike The Blood Worth Watching, Reviews, Story, Who Married Kojou?

All anime lovers have a special place in heart for “Strike The Blood”. And no need to be disheartened because no, Strike The Blood ain’t even close to being finished.

Strike The Blood Season 4.

SODEAn all-time favorite anime of anime lovers, STRIKE THE BLOOD is finally back with another one of its fantastic seasons. It is theoretically based on the comic novel series by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Miyako. Apart from the television version, this manga has also been transformed into numerous video animations.

The series is directed by Takao Sano and Hideyo Yamamoto. The characters for the anime are designed by Keiichi Sano. The series will be back with another season to win the hearts of its dedicated fanbase. The third season of the series was released during late 2018. As far as the fourth is considered, its release was earlier confirmed for the Spring of 2020, but due to the current conditions, it is most likely to be postponed to early 2021.

The first episode was said to be released on April 8, 2020. It is said that this season will be having a total of 12 episodes that will run for a duration of 12 weeks. The screenplay will be handled by Hiroyuki Yoshino and Keichi San.

Source: visXnews

Is Strike The Blood Worth Watching? Reviews, Story.

If you love anime and fantasy high school series, we bet you’ love “Strike The Blood” because it is a perfect combination of all those elements.

The reviews for the show have great. The IMBd rating is 7.1/10, which is pretty decent.

The plot revolves around a high school boy, Kojou Akatsuki. The relationship between Yukina and Kojou is expected to grow in this new season. The last season ended with an attack on The Kingdom Of Sardinia during a celebration where Kojou was invited by princess La Folia. Thus this new season will focus on the investigation by Kojou as to who did it and why?

We can expect the story of Asagi Aliba, who is Kojou’s classmate and was later shown to be the Priestess of Cain. Her story might be leveled up and will be shown in the season ahead.

Who Married Kojou?

Kojou ends up marrying Asagi Aiba. She is also implied to be married to Kojou and has a daughter with Kojou named Moegi.

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