The Conjuring 3 The Devil Made Me Do It What Will Be The New Strategy Of Investigators Ed And Lorraine? What Is Conjuring 3 Going To Be About? What Are The Top 10 Best Horror Movies?

The best way to enjoy night quarantine is, of course, to stick to the laptop screens and watch a horror movie. There is a myth that watching horror movies helps with weight loss. Well hey hey it’s a win-win for me. Being a horror freak, the news about conjuring gets me all spiked. The third movie of the conjuring is called the devil made me do it. Oops, can we already start guessing the plot?


PLOT: The Devil Made Me Do it

The expected date for the release is September 11, 2020.

The official outline has also been released.  “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It” reveals a chilling story of terror, murder, and unknown evil that shocked even experienced real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. One of the most sensational cases from their files, it starts with a fight for the soul of a young boy, then takes them beyond anything they’d ever seen before, to mark the first time in U.S. history that a murder suspect would claim demonic possession as a defense.”

Earlier it was heavily rumored that the third movie would feature a werewolf or, more precisely, a demon that manifests itself as a wolf.

 “I was given a book by Lorraine and Tony, her son-in-law, who has moved into the Ed Warren position in that family, and there’s a book called Werewolf.” so Farmiga  thought the third movie had “something to do with a werewolf”.”I could be wrong. They could be scrapping it,” Farmiga told Metro US. We also know that this movie will surely have nothing to do with a haunted house.

There hasn’t been any news regarding the launch being postponed. As of this moment, September 11 is the date. Prepare yourself to be spooked!


Before we all wait for the release here is a list of horror movies that you should watch:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)Just like a particular dungaree-clad possessed doll, Freddy Krueger fell firmly into killer clown territory because the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise evolved over the years. relive at Wes Craven’s original film, though, and Freddy isn’t to be trifled with. Our selective reminiscences mean we frequently forget that this serial kid killer’s burns return from him being incinerated by Associate in Nursing angry mob of fogeys. Living forever through their worry and guilt, Freddy becomes the last word bugbear once he dons his favorite murder glove and goes when a full new generation of Springwood spawn whereas they slumber.
  • The Babadook (2014): On release, Jennifer Kent’s haunted pop-up book became an entire generation’s bugaboo ostensibly nightlong. “Have you seen The Babadook? I didn’t sleep all night,” was hissed joyously across offices and pubs. And permanently reason. The Babadook is scary. the story of a young bereft widow attempting to appear once her young son, this can be a motion-picture show that sneaks below your skin and stays there. It additionally causes you to raise yourself a lot of queries. What would you be doing with a pop-up book a couple of creepy black-clad figure in an exceedingly high hat? Would you scan it to your already traumatized young son? What if he begged? and the way would you affect the ‘haunting’ that follows…?
  • The Descent (2005): If there was a dip in caving and bouldering trip attending back within the mid-noughties, it’s in all probability the fault of Neil Marshall’s alarming claustrophobic creature feature. Sarah’s friends need to form her feel higher once the tragic death of her family thus, rather than you recognize, shopping for her some gin, they take her on a caving trip. sadly, the motion picture wouldn’t air this list if the six ladies were there to own a moving, gently comedic journey wherever all of them grow as folks. From the instant this ton lower themselves into the darkness below the mountain chain, it’s clear that obtaining back out into the sunshine once more isn’t about to be possible.
  • The Witch (2015): Self-describes as a ‘New European country folks tale’ – though it’s a lot of sort of a fairy tale from hell – Henry Martyn Robert Eggers’ terrific amount drama follows a Puritan family once they’re ejected from their colony. Screaming ‘don’t do it’ at the screen simply doesn’t work as William (Ralph Ineson) takes his married woman Katherine (Kate Dickie) and his 5 kids into the deep, dark woods to survive alone on a farm. It’s not spoiling something to mention that it doesn’t go notably well. Following Thomasin, the eldest female offspring of the family vie by Anya Taylor Joy in her 1st attributable role, we tend to witness the tense unraveling of a dysfunctional family round-faced with the horrific prospect of an out of doors force staring out at them from the trees.
  • The Fly (1986): Body horror maestro David Cronenberg hit the mainstream and bagged an Oscar with this icky story of Jeff Goldblum accidentally merging with a fly while trying to invent teleportation, and slowly watching bits of himself fall off.
  • The Orphanage (2007): The Omen, Ring, Insidious, youngsters Of The Corn… the horror genre has a lot of creepy children hanging around than a Young Conservatives meeting. however seldom is kindling horror as effective as in Spanish director AJ Bayona’s debut feature, during which sack-headed youngsters haunt one or two attempting to find their missing adopted son.
  • It Follows (2014): A simple however effective premise that merged The Ring, The Thing, and Halloween: shag the incorrect punk retard and a supernatural shape-shifter can amble unstoppably towards you, scrunching you to death unless you have got sex with somebody before it arrives. presumptively supported a number of the lot of persistent Facebook stalkers we’ve run into, It Follows had the flexibility to form you afraid of slow queues.
  • The Silence Of The Lambs (1991): On paper, The Silence Of The Lambs may be a psychological heroic tale, however paper can’t quite convey the alarming menace of Anthony Hopkins’ feast menu. Between Hopkins’ Hannibal Lecter and lady-skin collector Buffalo Bill Cody there was quite enough liquidator chills to rank eating apple Demme’s amongst the 90’s greatest fright fests.
  • Ring (1998): The original Japanese version of the yarn a few cursed videotapes – watch it, receive telephony to mention you have got per week to measure, build somebody else watch it, pothouse – trumps the USA remake due to its way more sinister Sadako, the woman treed in a very well and out for supernatural retaliation.
  • The Evil Dead (1981): A cheap cross between The Exorcist and Friday The thirteenth, The Evil Dead took the prevailing horror figure of 5 teenagers beneath supernatural blockade in a very cabin within the woods to the goriest extreme possible. The bloody battle between the scholars and also the demons they accidentally unleash once they realize a tape of ancient incantations within the basement of their vacation cabin – for God’s sake, ne’er play the tape of ancient incantations you discover in a very basement!.


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