The Handmaids Tale Season 4, Theories, Plot, Trailer? The Handmaid’s Tale Season 3 Ending Explained? Was June Able to Escape Gilead? What Happened to Commander Waterford?


The Handmaid’s Tale last season aired about a year ago consequently hopes for season 4 have grown up. The end of the previous season has left people with a lot of mysteries and they are trying to speculate by themselves. In this article, we would try to wrap up all such stuff.

Talking about season 4, the production of it has suffered a major hit by the coronavirus pandemic.
The shooting was initialized at the beginning of the year but was called off soon as the lockdown was imposed. Fans want to know what will happen to the protagonist June, from where the last season was wrapped up.

With the end of season 3, people have also come up with some interesting theories after the season at the last end.
One of the theories is that since Rita is an ally of June’s and she also loves Holly so I imagine they will spend a lot of time and may bring each other comfort.

This could also help Luke get involved in the resistance. He has a lot of anger with no direction but Rita has deep knowledge and connections with the Martha network.
Another theory that went by June is hiding in the woods, helping underground and we get to see a bit more of the female road from the book.



We got to wait for the premiere of season 4 so we could expect the season 4 trailer. It seems like a fair guess from now since even the shooting has stopped because of the current times.


The season 3 final episode, Mayday, the last season ended with June being shot by Gilead’s men while rescuing a group of children by making them cross the borders.


Unfortunately, June couldn’t escape. She was shot by the guards of Gilead while she was smuggling about 50 kids across the border for their wellbeing. Surely the next season will give us answers to what will happen to her after that.




Another question that might be running in your head that what happened to commander Waterford? Is he dead? What happened to him?

Since Ofglen planned an attack on the commander’s new Red Center. The bomb took the lives of many handmaids and commanders including commander Pryce. In all this, by being so close to the explosion, Commander Waterford survived the blasts. Somehow Waterford managed to come alive.

So, the commander Waterford doesn’t feel like he is dead. He’s low on health and his power and influence does feel a little affected

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