The Haunting of Hill House Season 2 Netflix Release Date Confirmed? Who Is in Cast what will The Haunting Of Hill House Season 2 About? What Happens to the Ghost in The Haunting of Hill House?

If you are a fan of a horror-supernatural, drama series, you might have already seen the first season of “The Haunting of Hill House” or maybe it is in your watchlist. Released in October 2018, the series received a lot of appreciation from both the fans and the critics. It is based on the novel which goes by the same name as the series by Shirley Jackson.

Now since it has been more than one year for the release of the first season, fans are expecting something from the makers.

The makers have announced the second season will be named as “ The Haunting of Bly Manor”, is on its way. The title is inspired by the country house in Henry James’s “Turn of the Screw”.

The showrunner Mike Flanagan told the sources that it is way scarier than the previous one. It’s a lot more frightening, just on a visceral level.


Previously it seemed like we may not see any character from season one to return to the next season as it is a different story. But it comes to our attention that future installments will go similarily to American Horror Story, recasting the previously casted actors in new roles in each season.

Mike Flanagan tweeted on 28 August 2019:

“ I’m beyond thrilled to announce that the inestimable, irreplaceable, invaluable Henry Thomas has joined the cast of The Haunting of Bly Manor”.

New members joining the cast include Amelia Smith and Benjamin Ainsworth will be playing the children looked after alongside T’Nia Miller, iZombie star Rahul Kohli and Amelia Eve.


Many ghost were seen in the supernatural series, lets try to bring them out one by one.

-The Bent-Neck Lady

Nell Crain is haunted by a broken neck lady who is called as the “broken-neck lady”.
Later it is found that the bent-neck lady is Nell herself who is haunting her younger self to warn her about the horrors she will face in the future.

-Poppy Hill

Poppy Hill met her husband in the asylum where they were both patients and after that resided in the Hill House.
She tries to invade in Olivia’s mind and convinces her kids to need to save from the true colors of the world. She feels that the only way to bring them back fro their nightmares Is to kill them.

-William Will

William Will the husband of Poppy Hill Is a tall man’s ghost who can be seen floating awkwardly above the floor. He covered himself in bricks while he was alive in the basement where later on, Crain’s father finds his body fifty years later.

-Hazel Hill

She was a homesick old woman who was being taken care of by Clara until her death. She was the most silent ghost in the series. She spoked
when Poppy was trying to seduce Olivia.

-The one on the Wheelchair

He is the one who was seen in the wheelchair. He couldn’t walk or talk. He used to bang the walls so that he could talk to his parents.

The kids heard the bangings in the night were done by him.

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