The Lego Batman Movie 2 Is Robin In The LEGO Movie 2? Will There Be A Lego Batman 2? When Is It Coming Out?

Everything wasn’t well at the franchise office as the first Lego movie in 2014 failed to capture the imagination of the people as the building blocks have been doing it for the best part of seven decades. The animation was revolutionary, but it was the storyline and plot that disappointed a lot of people. Batman is coming back in his Lego version to save the day again, and we have the official confirmation about it.

It has been a little over a year since the director, Chirs Mckay, announced that they’re already working to produce the movie.

What to Expect?

The earlier part had Batman’s favorite villain, Joker, making him realize that they need each other. The movie ends with the Joker releasing every WB villain ever into the streets of Gotham City, with villains like Voldemort, General Zod, or King Kong, to name a few. He even plants several bombs threatening to blow the city off.

Source: Den of Geek

The movie ends with a united Bat-family of Robin, Alfred, Batman, and Batgirl. Batman finally realizes that having people to trust will only increase his chances later against the enemies of the state.

So, the second movie should include Robin as well and could be an important part of the movie. Joker or the Scarecrow could return as villains, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see unorthodox villains like the Penguin or the Riddler.

Official Release

We have no official date for the release, but we do know that the sequel is under works, and a trailer could come out as early as this year itself. The animation of the lego movies is a long process, and that could push the release date to at least the summer of 2021. The pandemic hasn’t made the job any easier, and strict lockdown could seriously hamper the production of the movie.

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