Dark Season 3 Netflix Official Release Date, Genre, Spoilers And Plot Updates, Who Is In The Cast? IMDb, Storyline, And All That We Know So Far, Who Is adam In Dark?

A time and a mind-bending story of a city called Winden, where everything is connected and everything is decided by fate from the beginning. It is one of the finely written shows and having a third season will only do justice to us, who have been keenly waiting for the latest edition. Dark is a science fiction series, based in Germany where there’s a portal for time travel, that was accidentally created by a nuclear reaction.

Season 3

It is set to release on the 27th of June, the same date as of the apocalypse in the show. The release comes at a fine time when most of the world is under lockdown and it’ll help to keep the viewers engaged. It will skyrocket the popularity of the show.



As we know, Adam is the future version of Jonas himself and we still can’t come to terms with how Jonas, the lead of the show, will become the villain. His father is none other than Mikkel, the lost son of Ulrich.

Charlotte is the daughter of Noah, the mysterious priest who attempts various experiments on children and after they die, he dumps them 33 years in the past or future.

The younger version of Noah travels ahead in the future and meets Elizabeth, the daughter of Charlotte. They conceive a child, who is Charlotte herself. Hence, Charlotte is both the mother and daughter of Elizabeth.


The Latest

In the final scene, we saw that a Martha from another universe comes and saves Jonas from the blast. This confirms the involvement of another universe and it is the only way to change the present. Since time is linear, no matter what Jonas does, he can’t change anything. Therefore, Martha might be the one breaking the cycle forever and helping Jonas stop from becoming Adam.

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