Gigi Hadid Is Gigi And Zayn Really Having A Baby? Have Gigi And Zayn Malik Announced Their Wedding? Who Is Gigi Hadid Dating Now?

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are having a babyAND IT’S A GIRL!!! Just imagine the cuteness and good looks!

Family sources reveal to us that, indeed, GH and ZM have been told that the sex regarding their future kid together will be a female. Expecting moms can, as a rule, locate this out at about the 16 to the 20-week point, which is correct where Gigi’s at. Furthermore, obviously, that implies there’ll be another beautiful lady in the Hadid family.

There’s additionally been a ton of discussion about whether Gigi’s 25th birthday celebration party festivity – where she displayed enormous 2-5 inflatables that likewise had blue and pink strips appended – might’ve been a gender reveal party all in one.

It’s conceivable she was dropping insights to her a large number of devotees and fans. Presently, she can presumably let that blue-strip swell fly into the sky because we recognize what’s coming.

Gigi Hadid is pregnant, and the father-to-be is her hit or miss, beau, Zayn Malik.

Will there be a wedding or no?

Zayn Malik has gotten people talking because of his most recent tattoo, which recommends he may be getting ready to propose to Gigi Hadid following their pregnancy declaration.

The 25-year-old model affirmed she and Malik are expecting their first kid together, after updates on the pregnancy was spilled to the press.

The couple’s friend George The Jeweler – who as of late gifted them matching evil eye armbands – shared a photo on his Instagram Stories of Malik’s most recent tattoo, which is motivated by the subject of marriage. The photograph has since been erased.

Devotees of the artist who detected the photo will have noticed that his left lower arm uncovers lines from scholar Kahlil Gibran’s sonnet ‘On Marriage.’

Source: Vogue

We hear wedding bells!

Who does Hadid see now?

She is currently with Zayn, and well, things are looking quite great! We just hope the couple stays as happy as ever! We stan ourselves, Gigi!!

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