Leonardo DiCaprio What Makes Leonardo DiCaprio World’s Highest-Paid Actor? When Did Leonardo DiCaprio Begin His Career? How Many Movies Has He Done Till Date?

Leonardo DiCaprio, where do we begin with this guy. Sometimes I think it’s all in the name. History is proof that you name your kid Leonardo and he just turns out a legendary artist. Well, we wish that was true. Leonardo is one of the most successful and hardworking actors Hollywood has ever seen.

When Did Leonardo DiCaprio Begin His Career?

So, Leonardo got his first agent at the age of fifteen, in the 1990s. Guess what. He started his career in a sitcom. He used to play a teen alcoholic on Santa Barbara. He did a few more characters in various tv shows such as The Outsiders and Parenthood till he made his debut in the 1991 horror movie, ‘The Critters 3’. He won a lot of hearts and started getting noticed. This is where his actual career in the big leagues, began.

Source: Vanity Fair

What Makes Leonardo DiCaprio World’s Highest-Paid Actor?

Do we really need to ask this question, isn’t it obvious. If you have seen this person in a movie, you wouldn’t ask such a problem, but let’s just do it for the sake of it. Leonardo DiCaprio is the no1 spot holder in Forbes magazine annual list of the highest-earning male actor with estimated earnings of $77m.

Do you know why? Because every movie he makes is a hit, he worked in Shutter Island and Inception. He has finally come on the first spot leaving Mr. Depp on the second spot. Who needs an Oscar, by the way, he finally got an Oscar for Revenant.

Source: StarsUnfolded

Well, he has been a nominee for best actor almost every year since 1994. Leonardo DiCaprio has been in at least 53 movies, to date, and not a single one has been a flop, so if you’re still asking why is he the highest paid actor, I don’t know what to say.

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