The Order Season 2 How Many Episodes Are In The Order Season 2? Has Netflix Announced The Order Season 2 Release Date? Trailer,Cast And Other News

The Order is a Horror Fiction based drama created by Dennis Heaton. It’s An American tv show liked by 91% audience. The show starts with lead character Jack Morton(Jake Manley) who has a desperate mission of avenging his mother’s death. For this, he takes admission to the University which has a secret society “The Hermetic Order Of The Blue Rose” that teaches magic to the members of society.

Also, the show included supernatural creatures like werewolves to make the show more interesting. Werewolves are the enemy of people who do dark magic and they are ready to do war against them if needed.

How Many Episodes Are In The Order Season 2?

The previous season had 10 episodes. If we consider this pattern then next season would consist the same no. Of episodes that are 1 hour long. If makers change their minds and add or remove episode then we let you know.


Has Netflix Announced The Order Season 2 Release Date?

Netflix renewed the show after season one became a hit with positive reviews of the audience. And the making of season 2 started back in 2019 and it is said that season 2 will release on June 18, 2020. But the release date might change because of the global crisis of COVID 19. Still, we hope that season 2 could premiere on the date they gave.



Netflix or the makers didn’t share the trailer till now. But Netflix did release a video confirming the renewal of The Order Season 2 which we’re considering as a trailer until we see the real trailer.

Cast And Other News

The original cast will reprise their characters for the second season.

  • Sarah Grey As Alyssa Drake
  • Jake Manley As Jack Morton
  • Adam DiMarco As Randall Cardio
  • Devery Jacobs As Lilith Bathory
  • Jedidiah Goodacre As Kyle
  • Katherine Isabelle As Vera Stone
  • Max Martini As Edward Coventry
  • Matt Frewer As Pete Morton
  • Thomas Elms As Hamish Duke
  • Louriz Tronco As Gabrielle Suppress
  • Sean Depner As Jonas
  • Sam Trammel As Eric Clarke

Also, we can see some new faces in the second season. As required by the Storyline and plot.

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