The Orville Season 3 Can We See Some New Faces In The Orville Season 3? How Many Episodes Are There? Why Did Alarm Leave The Orville?

The Orville is a Sci-Fi comedy Drama Web TV show. If you are interested in space science and comedy, then it’s a perfect show for you. The show was first premiered on 10 September 2017. Various sources inspire the show, but the main was Star Trek. The show is created by Seth MacFarlane, who also acted in the play.

The show was initially been telecasted on Fox for two seasons, but this time, the show will telecast on Hulu confirmed by Seth MacFarlane.

He tweets -“Measure abroad #TheOrville for now, as we move to our new home on #Hulu!” On July 20, 2019.

If you don’t know this, then I tell you that Fox and Hulu both are under Disney. So there would be not much difference in working.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Can We See Some New Faces In The Orville Season 3?

The original cast we’re watching since season 1 would reprise their roles for the third season too because, without them, the show will feel like a little strange.

  • Seth MacFarlane As Capt. Ed Mercer
  • Adrianne Palicki As Cmdr. Kelly Grayson
  • Penny Johnson Jerald As Dr. Claire Finn
  • Scott Grimes As Lt. Gordon Molly
  • Peter Macon As Lt. Cmdr. Bortus
  • J. Lee As Lt. Cmdr. John LaMarr
  • Mark Jackson As Issac
  • Jessica Szohr As Lt. Talla Kealy
  • Norm MacDonald As Yaphet
  • Chad L. Coleman As Kylden

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Also, there is news that actress ‘Anne Winters’ who worked in 13 reasons why the show will soon join the show As Charly Burke. Also, Halston Sage, who played Alara in the show, can return for some episodes.

How Many Episodes Are There?

Season one has 12 episodes. Season 2 has 14 episodes, two events are extra. But for the third season, makers decided to have fewer episodes than the previous two seasons with the increased Episode timing.

Makers said that they want to give us a little movie, each weak. So that we won’t wait to see the end of one episode in another episode, also, it will help new audiences to cope with series as they don’t have to watch previous Episodes and seasons to understand the current storyline of the episode they are watching.

Source: Variety

Why Did Alara Leave The Orville?

There are so many options that tell the reason why Alara leaves the show.

  1. As per the plot and script, Alara decides to live with her family now. She and her father now reconciled after so many odds.  Her father now knew her true worth and want to live like a family.
  2. She had the problem of adjusting her body to gravity. Dr. Finn found the solution for this, but that’s very painful.
  3. She signed the movie “The Last Summer,” where she will co-star with K.J. Apa of Riverdale. The shooting of movies and series filmed in different cities at almost the same time, which became a problem.
  4. According to some sources, Halston Saga(Alara) was previously dating Seth MacFarlane(co-actor) for a few months which is almost 15 years older than her. Now she’s dating Charlie Puth. So her breakup can be a reason to leave the show.

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