Captain Marvel 2 Is Captain Marvel Coming in 2020: Now the Actual Release Date, Plot, Cast, IMDb and More, Is Captain Marvel 2 Cancelled?

Captain Marvel 2 is an upcoming Marvel movie. After the huge success of its initializer, Captain Marvel, the makers were pretty sure they would be back with the sequel. The fans seem pretty excited about it too.

Is Captain Marvel Coming In 2020? Actual Release Date?

Since the release dates for the MCU’s phase four movies have tilted, the makers have provided us with a confirmed date for the release of the Captain Marvel’s sequel. It has been confirmed officially that Captain Marvel 2 is going to hit the big screens in the US and the UK on 8th of July 2022.

Source: IMDb

Until now, it is not sure when will the movie starts filming.


Since Captain Marvel wasn’t featured much in the Avengers Endgame, so it seems pretty hard to guess how would the plot go. The makers clarified she wasn’t given much screen because the actual story was mainly focused on the six Avengers. Captain Marvel has always been an integral part of the Avengers, and she was shown at Tony Stark’s memorial too.


Indeed, Carol Danvers will be played by Brie Larson. Whereas Lashana Lynch will be back as Maria Rambeau, Nick Fury will always be played by none other than Samuel L. Jackson.

Source: Reddit

IMDb Ratings

Since the movie hasn’t released yet, there are no ratings available. However, the first part, i.e. Captain Marvel, was rated 6.9 on IMDb with 414k views.

Is Captain Marvel 2 Cancelled?

A big no to this question as the makers has already announced that there is going to be a sequel for the movie. It has been officially confirmed, and even the release date is released. I have mentioned the details about its release in the above sections.

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