Mission Impossible 7 What Is The Storyline Of The New Mission Impossible? Is Mission Impossible 7 The Last Part, Release Date, Cast, Plot Twist, Who Is The Villain In The New MI Movie?

After the amazing success of the last six movies, Mission Impossible is set to return for two more movies. The two editions will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie. He even directed the fifth and the sixth version of the famous spy movie.

Release Date?

After an initial date of 23rd July 2021, the pandemic has postponed the release date to November of 2021.

The production and subsequent shooting of the film have been halted by the pandemic and Simon Pegg has confirmed that the shoot will resume again in September, with proper precautions in place.

Source: The Courier Daily

What will be the storyline?

There has been no information about the plot of the movie as it is still in the initial stages of production. What we can be sure of is the venue, which is Venice. The MI movies are always shot in different cities, one of the most intriguing features of the franchise. The director recently announced that the movie will be divided into two parts, which means Mission Impossible 7 and 8 are not two separate movies. Christopher wants to make this an emotional journey about Ethan and his crew and he wants the movie to be more about the character arch and not just the stunt scenes. He also revealed that there will be a flashback scene with a character who died in one of the previous movies.

Source: Nation Editions

Who is in the cast?

Tom Cruise will again return as the agent, Ethan Hunt. Rebecca Ferguson will also play an important role.

Hayle Atwell is the latest high profile addition and Pom Klementieff from Guardian’s Of The Galaxy is also successfully signed.

Nicholas Hoult, who was in X-Men, is already signed and is rumored to be the villain in the movie. Shea Whigham may also be a co-villain.

Henry Cavill and Alec Baldwin can return after dying in the previous edition, Mission: Impossible Fallout.

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